An inn is a place where often diverse experiences and purposes come together.. and so it is with the diversity of poems in Firethorn Inn, an eclectic book in which the author skillfully uses humor, irony, pathos, and romance to add depth and nuance to each poem.


Firethorn Inn is an inspiring collection of poems! There are 3 different sections in the book, some will make you laugh, some include very deep thoughts and others are about the world we live in. I have really enjoyed this diverse book of poems! It would also make a great gift, most everyone can relate to his poems.

Karen Crouch, Amazon customer

Absolutely. Knowing how much this Author loved his wife and sister was so touching and the love of nature.

Kathy Prince, Amazon customer

Clever verse and well-crafted lines make this a very enjoyable collection. Poetry is not a “love” of mine, but I feel the ache in the words and the sadness and longing of someone who has experienced life’s ups and downs and has the self-awareness to look at himself and still find humor in the world and his interaction with it. Read this book!

Amazon customer

Wonderful collection of poems! I laughed and cried.

Amazon customer

“Firethorn Inn: A Book of Verse” by Larry A. McCarthy is a collection of rhymes organized in three groups: Natural World, Emotion and Relationships, and Silliness. Yet don’t let this organized collection fool you, as each section is as wide-ranging as its own title. What is evident in all of the verses though, is the author’s unique, simple, and clever voice. I found his writing style refreshing due to his ability to express simple and complex topics through the playful crafting of his verses.

Review by Susan Violante for Reader Views
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Larry McCarthy is a former Army Medical Service Corps officer who served in Viet Nam. He had a long career working in the fields of public health administration and public health care finance. His educational background in science is reflected in many of his poems. He lives outside of Louisville, Kentucky.


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